Skyrim CTD - Deep Swimming

Hello guys, I've been modding Skyrim for quite some time and have come across an issue.  The game crashes to desktop as soon as I enter water that is deep enough for me to swim in.  I have ran BOSS and it is still happening.   I've spent a lot of time modding and would hate it to go to waste.  I'm running Real Vision ENB and I use BOSS, TES5Edit and Wrye.

Here is my mod list and my load order, hope you can help me!

maybe it's a mod that is no longer installed. Had that issue after de installing SkyUI


I've never had to use any software to organize my mods for me. I've always installed the files manually and prefer it that way. Having mentioned that, I get no CTDs. So for you to get CTDs despite using mod manager is strange. Perhaps an outdated ENB? Do you have 251?

You didn't like SkyUI? I tried it recently and fell in love with it instantly.

Yes I'm using 251.  I have used TES5Edit and there are no errors left there either.  My only no longer installed mod is Ultimate Follower Overhaul, which I installed and couldn't get to work and tried Amazing Follower Tweaks.

have you tried adjusting memory allocation?

I think I hve but it was a while ago, how do you do this?



Yeah that's all set.


I'm using a GTX 780 3GB and 16GB RAM btw

After going in game and disabling the ENB effects in game the bug isn't there so I think its ENB related... but how can I fix it?

Have you recently changed any of the ENB settings before this started happening? You could try using a different ENB preset to see if that fixes it. If it doesn't, then try using a dated version of ENB. It could be that END is just messing up. It could also be that it isn't playing well with the textures loaded when you get in the water. If you have any textures that affect water, specifically underwater stuff like fish and whatnot, try disabling those as well. So all of these things one at a time to try to pinpoint the problem. It will take some time and effort, unless you get lucky, but you can figure it out eventually (or just start completely over if needbe).

Make sure your ENB is completely up to date. I had problems with water before, and it was linked to my ENB, which was an older version using newer configs.


Do you have any other mod that might conflict with ENB 251? Like other lighting altering mods that might conflict? Older version of Realistic Lighting Overhaul (I'm not saying you have it, just an example)?

No I like it, but it has a bug, Deinstalling the mod on NMM makes the game crash, if you quick safe it.

It did it on my cousins and my PC. It

Hey, I don't know if you're still reading this thread but here you go:

The video demonstrates the cause of CTD, memory block management. Apparently, the game engine is inherently bad at it but it shows you how to deal with it.

I already have this patch sadly... I went and installed the performance version of the ENB instead and I'm having no problems yet.  I can't believe that a 4.5ghz i5 and GTX 780 can't cope with the full version lol.