Skyrim Crashes at opening loading screen

Hey guys, every time I launch Skyrim and I press continue my game crahes. I am running enb with all sorts of mods.

Please help, I have installed and uninstalled skyrim and all the mods I have that go with it. I disabled the mods because I was trying to get skyrim to work last night. All the mods would usually be enabled.

If you don't, please use BOSS to put some semblance to your load order. Which might actually be fine, because you didn't include a pic of the "plug-ins" tab, which would be nice to see

edit: but apparently if you get to the point of being able to select a save to load, load order shouldn't be an issue

Sorry if I didn't put that in the first place.

Try to start a new game with all mods disabled; and if you can save the new game, the main files are fine. And at that point you'll know it's a mod issue at least. Hope this helps

Download a tool called Wyre Bash. Its like a mod manager, very useful for troubleshooting. The check boxes that are the darker reds are the mods that could be causing the problem of skyrim crashing. Works very nicely for me

I made a new game with all mods disbled except enb, it worked.