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So i had some free time over the week and made teksyndicate logo on some darkbrotherhood armor. I uploaded it on the skyrim nexus heres some screenies if anyones curious to what it looks like

 edit: this account was banned from skyrim nexus if you want the mod ill upload them but temporarily i can email them to you if you email me at [email protected]

hey can u put a logo of mine on some armor please

yeah man what do you need

erskipper's picture could you put that logo on some dawngaurd armor please id love you forever and postur name in my stream permanetly 

yes, is it cropped to how you want it already? do you want me to crop out the black? where do you want it on the armor I'll start putting it on and show you what i got so far. 

 edit: could you email me the full size img the one I got is small.

What's your stream? I'd be happy to do it. If you plug in anybody else wants something done like this to contact me [email protected] it would be really awesome.

and we will make love

Now make a custom Logan race :P 

a skyrim master race!





....i hope to the heavens that SOMEONE see's the reference. 


YES! xD Post that video in a reply to this, I am at le college and cannot access YouTube without being chewed out by my instructor :P

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a little hitler can improve even the greatest of days thats the link to the logo and yes could you please crop out the black and id like it on the back of the armor please

I had to buy dawnguard, didnt have the armor so it may be a few its  dling on steam

ohh dude sorry about that i dont have any money but i can offer you 5 copies of dota 2 if you want them

no worries, I got dota 2. Why do you have 5 copies lol

steam keeps on giving them to me anytime i get rid of them they send me some more i cant ever get away from the dota 2 curse.

lol yeah i got them for free from someone on forums then i played it and didnt even like it

it confuses me ive played it like once and got destroyed lol