Skype replacement?

Well.. I just heard about the case of Justin Carter and it hit me.. Everithing I do online is monitored and stored on a shelf of future evidence. This realisation got me searching for a more private replacement for Skype; can anyone suggest a good, private, chat/voice communication program?

Cheers, dengreen1995

Teamspeak. You can set up your own server to hold 10 people.

how does it compare to mumble or ventrilo?

and how do i set it up??

There are heaps of tutorials all over youtube showing you how to do it. i haven't tried the others that you have said.

thanks, I got it. skype is the past now!

Sorry I don't recal what it was called right off but Logan mentioned something on the Tek show to use instead I've kinda spaced it though because I didn't see an app for it in the gogle playstore and was going to check other ones when I got home and forgot to. I'll post it as an edit if I get around to finding its name. (it was in the very next thread I had opened as progs to instal on new comp lol)

Alternative to Skype as in video confrencing or just talking to your friends? If you're just talking to your friends you can get away with literally TONS of other programs. Ventrillo, Mumble, TeamSpeak, C3, Razer's new RazerComms (was really buggy, but was recently updated), plus tons of others that I can't remember off the top of my head.

Only thing skype really has going for it is their video confrence calls are really nice. For just chatting with people you should definately have something different to begin with.