Skype replacement openSUSE

Hey guys,

I just installed openSUSE (version 13.2). This is my first time using this distro (and it has been a while since I have used linux period). I am starting to set things up and messing around with stuff. I tried to use skype to video chat with my friends and realized that I can't do video chat with multiple people on linux (unless u know how to do that). Does anyone have any good suggestions on what i should try and replace it with? It needs to have a windows and mac option as well (all of my friends use windows, except one or two that use mac). 


Side note, it was a pain in the ass to get the nvidia drivers working for my gtx 970, but i finally got them to work aftera few hours and multiple reinstalls (probably would have been easier if I knew more about linux, especially the command line lol)


thanks for the suggestions. Also, I welcome any other set up or program recommendations. 

Yup also got hit by that deficiency.

I'd recommend using google hangouts. Works on all mentioned platforms and has group video chat.


Regarding the driver, it's best to use the one-click-install method mentioned here:

This will add the repository, install the driver and after a reboot you should be all set up and ready to go.


THe problem is that Microsoft is blocking all third party clients to connect with skype. Even their own older Windows live messenger clients.

Microsoft has changed some of the connection protocols late December early January, on which most third party clients cant connect anymore.

Microsoft is also blocking video calls from any other client then skype.

So you basicly need to download the official skype client for Linux.

Skype is not safe to use. Ekiga is used a lot on linux, it works really well. Similar open source compatible solutions are also available for Mac and Windows, so interaction with software console platforms is not a problem. In fact, you'll probably also be able to communicate with smart TV's and other devices using open source solutions. Skype is very limiting.

Installation of Skype on a linux system is like installation of Adobe Flash or the Steam client on linux: don't do it unless in an unprivileged lxc or a kvm container!!!!!

Microsoft has also changed the security protocol, SSL to TLS, to eliminate most third party clients.