new sky lake build ax 1200 psu
asus maximus hero mobo
corsair 16 gb rram @26666
r9290x sapphire
i7 [email protected]

getting severe audio stuttering until restart cpu really noticable on youtube am stumped anyone got any ideas

Is the audio laking behind or not even there?

Note: You got one 6 to much on your RAM-clock

we need specs of your audio equipment, I very much doubt your ram is to do with your audio...

I guess it is the driver...

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That would the first point for checking yeah.. :)

asus xonar d2x audio card 7.1

all drivers up to date? presumably to windows 10?

Is the system running stable at those overclocks?

It's not a very high OC, but it's still what I would check first. Maybe he wasn't very lucky with his chip.

Yeah maybe its not fully stable, and it needs a bit of fine tuning.
He could also just go back to stock settings, and then test if he still has the same issues.
Wenn there are no issues on stock clocks, then you could nail it down to the overclock.
If there are still the same issues on stock speeds, then he could continue to search.
Bios updates etc.

stable oc still issue when stock issue stops when restart pc no issue for couple of days have noticed ram usage is at about 9 gig until i restart

So you basicly dont have any issues on stock clocks?

Try to set your memory speed at 2133mhz or 2400mhz, and see if you still have issues.
Bios is up to date?

bios up to date running xmp profile

If you choose 2400mhz on the ram from the drop down menu in the bios.
And you go back to your 4.7GHz OC, do you still have similar issues then?
You dont have the issues wenn you run everything on stock speeds.
so it looks to me, that it has something to do with your overclock.
But it could also be, that your mobo does not like your ram to run on 2666mhz.
At 2400mhz it should basicly be no problem.
Thats something you could test.

finally figured it out bloody asus ai suite who would have thought

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