Skylake motherboard that supports ECC Ram?

Hi Good people. From my brief research i'm at a loss to find a mother board that supports skylake and also ECC Ram.
Does anyone have any suggestions or info on this?

I appreciate there has been a couple of threads previous regarding this but I'm at a loss alas to scrape any info from them.

Any help much appreciated.

I searched through the consumer chipset boards and have not been able to find any that support ECC, and the C230 series which is more of the workstation/server oriented chipset is yet to be launched so you might just be out of luck.

If your MoBo is X99 AND you have a Xeon CPU, it should work regardless. Many of the Asus and Asrock X99 MBs may not have them listed as supported. I just read an i7 vs Xeon comparison article, and they used the Xeon with Reg ECC RAM in desktop MBs.

Thanks for that cave much appreciated.

I guess it will take some time for skyake to become a little broader. Was looking at building a simple NAS with an i3 and freenas. Plenty more options out there i guess.

Thanks again mate ;)

By his mention of skylake I think he was referring to the ECC Supporting I3's, that reside on the more consumer grade chipsets.

Yes but thanks for that Qain all info much appreciated. Little bit over kill for my little home nas but still ;)

Yeah it does suck that none of the consumer boards support it. A nice alternative would be to pickup a haswell based system on firesale and use that. There was better ECC support on haswell consumer boards then on the newer, skylake based systems.

@ Quain nice M1000 Blade Center vid BTW ;)

I suppose that it will work as long as the CPU works on the Mobo.. after all the memory controller is on the CPU for quite some time now.

no the motherboard needs to explicitly support it, or it will not work.

Really? In what way does the Mobo interfere with the data lanes? ECC is a thing between the ram modules and the mem controller as far as I know.

Agreed. But fair point. Most of the data corruption wouldn't be fair missed or even noticed on my lil home NAS without that..

I don't know the specifics of why it won't, but I know that if you were to put ecc ram into a z170 board with a compatible chip that the board shouldn't boot, although I have seen some boards still boot but never boot and retain ecc functionality.

CPUs dictate which memory they support. I3s don't, neither do i5s or i7s. Only Xeons, the haswell Xeons are rather cheap and support ECC.

Should i even worry about Error correction on a simple home NAS?

If you haven't built it yet, I would suggest a haswell Xeon setup. As with many data things. You do t realize how important something is until it's broken.

no no check, I3's do support ECC memory, and they are a rather common choice for home servers because of it.

That's more to do that the z170 chipset is not "allowed" to work with xeons. Intel blocks certain cpu/chipset combinations.

And that's why ECC wont work with z170 chipset.. as the processors don't have it.. and the xenons not run on z170

mhmm what chipset does thet i3 need? I don't see it at least.

The motherboards may support it but it may not be listed.
These guys have a quick little write up and are what I'm referring.

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Qain, look at the intel spec page.