Skylake Motherboard advice

Current build. 8370 Oc'd to 4.6 on a Am3+ Asus Sabertooth board. Asus R9 390, single 500gb ssd, 16gb ram. 1200w psu. Black and White "Tuxedo" color scheme.

I want to build either a "hold till AM4/AM4+" build or switching teams build. Depends on what we know in a year.

I decided on 6700k, undecided on Ram. otherwise will keep the ssd, gpu and psu same for now. LATER I will sell my 390 towards a 980ti or whatever NVIDIA brings in the spring.

But I cant decide on a mobo. And I haven't chose ram yet, due to indecisiveness. Suggestions appreciated.

Information Ramble:
I'm an Asus fan. Not required but its where I lean. I really like the sabertooth I've had my AM3 board since 2012 and love the bios and overclocking as well as the thermal radar and other software suite; but not sure if I need to spend $260 on a new mobo. I like all of the Asus line, but I admit I don't know that I need all the perks the >$200 boards provide. It doesn't help that I have a black and white build and desk setup. Do I really need a Deluxe or Sabertooth. Or is the "A" plenty? What other boards am I missing or would suit my needs?

Its worth mentioning that I'm recently single, and the overtime is a plenty from here to the end of the year. Which is why I feel the need to upgrade now, even though from a performance stand point I am satisfied for my gaming and hobbiest content creation needs. I just want more. And I feel the only times my computer isn't best is CPU intensive tasks such as the Arma games or the *cough DayZ standalone.

I personally also like asus, and I still have my Sabertooth Z77 and a 2600K rocking my gaming rig. And so far its been rock solid no problems what so ever.

As for the additional features,the only "high grade" feature I would try to get is USB3.1 as that’s futurprooving. If I was building a new rig now and want to get bang for the buck with asus I'd personally go for the A line. Its quality got better and actually not that shy of the premium one.

If you want skylake and white black color scheme?
Then the Asus Z170-A might be something to concider.
Its a decent board board basicly.