Skull Tech Podcast Intro Preview

As Logan is often quite busy to create ALL of the content for this awesome, sexy site, Skull and I have decided to create a new podcast , featuring hardware and software reviews, as well as other creative shit for you sexy nerds out there. We have the intro for the new vidcast (which will be recorded via google hangout) above for you guys to preview. If you would like to be part of this podcast, after the first episode, please send Skull some information regarding what you can contribute. Thanks! (be sure to watch in 1080p full screen, or logan will nom your soul)

(I appologize for the technocolor of Skull in that preview xD)



what will it be about ???

Basically like The Tek. Me and Cosmosus decided to help offload some of the work from logan so he can have a little bit more time for himself

this is going to be epic. I shall help... I'll send some pointers that I have picked up over the years... It was really hard to get started on YouTube... but now I know a few tricks. I'll send them as soon as I get this new website update live.

We are doing it for you Logan, we know how busy you are. and I bet 100% it can be very stressful. I really want to help take some of the workload off you so you can have some more time to yourself. I have a lot of time avalible, and so does cosmosus. Did you see the forum topic about role models?

Skull, I fucking love your battle jacket. I'm actually making one myself :D

Thank you! All I used was old strips of studded belt and a lot of tacky and hot glue

Thanks guys. First episode will hopefully be on saturday or sunday..