Skull Rant – ISP’s

I’m back with another rant. The topic is Internet Service Providers screwing people over, such as Comcast, Time Warner and Verizon.

I’m honestly fed up with all of these ISP’s screwing people over. I’m sure you heard about the Verizon VS. The FCC with Net Neutrality… Since that got struck down a couple of weeks; the big ISPs like Time Warner and Comcast. It is clear since that the damage is being done in the masses. Comcast is now making Netflix pay for a better pathway to the Comcast’s subscribers. We know that Comcast is already evil enough. They’re just getting started with the carnage. From my understanding, this is going to cause a lot of people to dump Comcast over time. With the Government siding with the Corporations, it is going to be a long battle. In some states, they have made it illegal to have municipal ISP’s; which I personally find bullshit…. Laws like that need to be declared unconstitutional by default. My views for that, it stifles health competition and innovation. The ISP’s shouldn’t even have monopolies under the Sherman Anti-Trust Laws. I don’t understand why they are getting away with it…

I also know of Comcast’s move to merge with Time Warner. Comcast claims it would be beneficial for consumers. I have to disagree with that. Why you might ask? The real truth is, it would make the costs of internet go sky high, screw people over and create data caps. That is a nasty way of cheating people for sure. Another fact is, ISP’s can now have control on what sites people go on. How? Because ISP’s can turn many big websites like Facebook, Google, Netflix, ETC into like Subscriptions. If you don’t have that subscription, then you don’t get to access that website. The government isn’t doing anything about it… America is a corporate nightmare. Why I hate the government and this country as a whole. It’s worse then the NSA bit.

What can we do to restore our free internet? Well petitions are one way on doing it, but I find those to be ineffective anymore. The government just ignores those. My honest feeling is to vote people out, but a lot of people are very stupid enough to vote for the same idiots back into office to do more damage to the country. I may sound very aggressive, but the American government needs a new system of checks and balances, more amendments to the constitution and last of all… We the people control the pay our government gets… END RANT

The picture is used with permission from 3DGAMEMAN, he took a picture of himself while he was sick. Good way to represent people getting sick of the bullshit the ISP's are doing