Skryim Modding

I just picked up Skryim and saw Logans video on all the mods he uses with it and figured I'd go ahead and try it out. So far ive gotten SkyUI, Better sorting, the TPC installed and a couple texture packs that it requires installed(There was one actually that i could not find because it was removed could that be why?). The first two are very evident to me, however the textures don't seem to have changed, at least to me it doesnt. How does one tell? I see its active in NMM, but it doesnt blow me away in difference. Is that normal? Are the textures not supposed to be very prevalent or am i just blind? How would i tell if they truly are working?

How would i compare? Could i simply deactivate the mods and take a screenshot of vanilla and then reactivate and repeat, then compare? 





There are a number of different texture packs, they alter some, but not all textures. The best ones usually cover most of the things, from ground to trees, some only focus on certain parts of the game, like weapons or rocks etc.

The main difference to spot, is if the object is sharp, not blurred out.

Now how to tell, usually comes out really simply, if you screenshot the same place with the mod active, and mod off, they also have comparison screens on the mods most of the time. 

Another way would be to monitor your VRAM usage, larger textures, eat up more of GDDR5 and if you go overboard, you will get frequent crashes because the game can only use 2GB of VRAM i think.

You might also notice FPS drops depending on the hardware you are running.


Anyway, the difference is not made, so it would stick out, they are subtle and seamless at most times.

Well i havent seen any performance drop, still runs at 60FPS constant. (Btw how do you turn off vysnc for this game? I havent found the option.) But i guess thats because its only two texture packs that ive installed. Ill monitor my VRAM see how much its using. Thanks for the reply.

To turn off vsync, you have to edit your .ini files.  Look for the line iPresentInterval=1 in your SkyrimPrefs.ini file.  Set it equal to 0 in order to disable vsync.

Thank you, will come in handy when frame rate does start to drop.

Which it did as i traveled around a bit more. Got into a more tree dense area and the VRAM spiked quite a bit to around 1.4GB being used. I assume thats normal? I only have 2GB availble on my EVGA 660.