i need some ideas for some windows xp skins....

if you know any cool looking ones post here

what is your favorite on there though i want to know favorites

I was wondering if these skins slow down performance. Does anyone have a different skin for windows XP?

I have the winXP MCE edition skin.

err Tune Up utilities 2008/09, they both have online skins, installs it as a system resource so it's just like the theme you already have, not hogging anything at all.

Google "im feeling lucky" this;

Windows xp zune theme

Yeah, I was on win customize and I found a windows 7 theme, I think it looks sweet..but yeah. you have to have windowblinds for it to work *cough*cough*torrent*cough*cough*

if u want to see a preview..check it

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oh yeah..the theme is called


Nice background.

oh sweet i am getting tired of this old xp look