Sketchtoy fusker would like help

i found some code that's supposed to try random numbers at the end of a sketchtoy url to try and find random sketches. not being a coder by any means has left me confused as i dont even know what language this is written in. i just want to get this thing running so sorry if i'm a complete moron.

Looks like JS... Outside of that I can't help much. Sorry.

thanks, i'm just trying to get on the right track to do it myself XD

I'm probably completely wrong, but maybe you can use a bookmarklet to run the JS? This might be the wrong way to do it but here.

well there must be errors in the code because i have troubleshooted for an hour and i'm just stuck. should have taken that coding class in highschool lol

that's what i was doing to troubleshoot. i ended up in a loop for an hour fixing and re-breaking, because i have no clue what i'm doing XD. maybe someone could give it a look-over and see what's broke but until then...

It would also qualify as C# code