Sketch program and tablet?

My parents are wanting to make a childs book, and asked me to help with some stuff. So I wanted to know what kind of sketch tablet and program I should be getting?

I found a tablet cheap for the size and wanted to make sure it was good.

and for the sketching program I found and it looked nice, and I tried the iPad version as well and it worked very nice. But we're going to get the desktop verison now with a tablet. is this the right way to do it?

(Also sorry if I post this in the wrong place, haven't posted much so I'm still a noob <3) 

Don't buy a cheap drawing tablet. Often times the pen is not accurate or poorly polarized and it is unable to change boldness of the line or drawing pressure required. I fully recommend an Intuos Pro Medium ($349) used in correlation with Photoshop (probably the best option on the market) or GIMP which is a free and less complex version of PS. 

I believe a boogie board dose not connect to a pc. It's basically a dry erase board. 

This is the Tablet I use and works great.

Program is up too you. I use Photoshop as well. But it will be up to the user on what they like best. 

Yeah, as the others have said, if the tablet is going to be used professionally, spend the money.  A cheap tablet will likely cause more frustration (and likely poorer results) than the money you saved is worth.  Wacom is the go to.  I use an Intuos 4 medium (a pervious version of what tomporter_ suggested).  If money is an issue, you can always buy used (an Intuos 4 or 5 for example), or get a lower model wacom.  They dropped the bamboo name, and now call their entry level stuff Intuos Pen or Pen and Touch.  They lack the higher sensitivity and some features of the Pro models, but are still solid and will work better than a cheap tablet from another manufacturer.  So if money is tight, that's the way I'd go.

As far as programs to use, there are tons.  Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Sketchbook, Corel, Gimp etc. all work well.

What exactly do you want to do, as you maybe better off drawing on paper and getting a scanner and learning to use illustrator? 

Regards pen Tablets, go Wacom or go home! 

+1 Wacom makes really good tablets.

As for programs, I would personally recommend Photoshop, but if you want to simulate a paint brush use Corel Painter.

No experience with drawing tablets at all but I did search around a bit for you and can find NO recommendations for a non-Wacom product as far as drawing tablets for desktops goes. There seems to be ALOT of praise for the accuracy and integrity of their devices.