SJW's and the Alt Right Need to Piss Off

I have a not safe for work Tumblr. I do it solely for my enjoyment and no one else’s. If you enjoy it, follow it. If you don’t like what I have to offer, I’m sure someone else does.I swipe photos of women off the internet, convert them to black and white, and crop out the watermarks and copyright if they are distracting. Tumblr was my first full Linux project. The whole point of the blog is to show the beauty of women in a sensual and non exploitative way. The main difference between the photos that I upload and the one’s that are splattered all over the internet is lighting:)

I’m very inclusive in my choices. If a woman is overweight and still looks beautiful, she’ll get posted. Race doesn’t enter into it either. I even had a woman who posed nude despite being severely burned. She was so confident and wanted to show everyone she was still beautiful. She was and I happily reblogged her on my previous account.

I always looked at Tumblr as a small shop. You have the front part where the public sees and you have a hidden section where the sausage is made. I spend nearly my entire time there in my messy little back room “office”. With the way the site is organized I behave like it is a shop and see other blogs as shops. If a blog doesn’t appeal to me, I shop elsewhere. I don’t criticize the blogger. They can do whatever they want and I hope they have fun. I just won’t be a part of it.

This morning I got a reply to one of my photos. It was a photo of a woman’s top being pulled away to reveal her breast by a very obvious masculine hand. I said I was inclusive. I’m trying to portray the sexuality of women. Believe it or not most of us interact with men. I don’t have the men actually engaging in sexual activity because it really doesn’t do much for me. They mostly hold the women. Apparently I pissed off a lesbian feminist by doing this. How will I live with the shame?

She replied by saying that this photo perpetuated the idea that women solely existed to titillate men. She ended it with hashtag ENDOFRANT like every stereotypical brain dead millennial on the internet. My first instinct was to get anxious thinking she was right and I was in the wrong, but I looked at the photo again and saw nothing wrong. This woman (more like girl) was just pushing her hangups on me. I have no tolerance for this.

So, I had to know what this great intellectual had to post. It was mostly a bunch of political crap that mostly focused on men oppressing women from expressing and being themselves. My first thought was isn’t that what she was just doing to me? Then I found her nudey photos of nekkid girls. Dear lord. I would call the photos she posted crass, vulgar, and borderline exploitive. They were photos of women engaged in sexual acts (I refuse to call them lesbians) that were hardly dignified and made lesbians look like animals in rut. I imagine if I scrolled down further, I would have found a Brazzers logo. I so wanted to post a reply to this but she didn’t upload her own stuff and simply reblogged everyone else’s. I didn’t want to bring the uploader into this. I considered it impolite. So, I composed a reply in a text file to vent.

This photo perpetuates the idea that lesbians are nothing but gay for pay strippers and porn stars who exist solely for boy titillation. #ENDOFRANT

Why am I ranting on by some anonymous hypocrite on the internet? I’m not really. This behavior has been irritating me for some time. The internet is being ruined by SJW and Alt right morons. A lot of people are compelled to take one side or the other and others try to remain neutral to avoid confrontation. I take a different approach. I hate both of them. I find them obnoxious, oppressive, and bone dead stupid.

I don’t care what any of these idiots think. I know I’m right and they are wrong and that’s the end of it. Yeah, I’m a German girl:) This is the point I am trying to make. Criticism on the internet is a foolish waste of time. Did my little SJW accomplish anything other than being blocked? No. I’m going to do whatever the hell I want on my blog. I don’t owe anyone on the internet anything. I don’t get paid for my blog. I’m going to post what I want and if only five people want to follow me, fine. I would get paid the same amount as five million followers- nothing.

These are all the same people. I really see no difference between the alt right and SJW’s. Both groups are demagogues. They both need constant validation. They both are intolerant of dissenting opinions because they truly don’t respect others. They honestly do not know the difference between expressing an opinion and flat out insulting someone (I will not tolerate being compared to a child molester because I am in a loving relationship with a fine lady who will turn fifty in May). Both sides shamelessly play the victim card. I’m sure the girl whose comment I deleted will feel censored. Guess what? I don’t care. I’m expressing myself. Neither side actually thinks. They latch on to famous demagogues and parrot what they say. If you press either side to explain their positions in detail, they can’t. Both sides are hypocritical. The blog my feminist had was far more exploitative than anything I have posted. Don’t even get me started on logical fallacies and cherry picking facts to “Make their case”. I also have this complaint about conspiracy theorists.

What to do about this? My solution is a bit of a disappointment even to myself. Just ignore them. Don’t engage them. Mark Twain had a timeless quote about arguing with idiots. Another thing is to keep some perspective. The internet is a vacuum. If you shut off your computer, it will have no impact on your life. It’s just one’s and zero’s. About the only websites that have an impact on real life are shopping sites like Amazon. You click a button and a package is delivered. A package you can see and touch. That’s about it. The rest of it is meaningless.


I had no idea you were German. By the way, welcome back!

I'm from the States. But, a good chunk of my family moved from Baden-Baden and Westphalia:)

SJW's use violence, and cries of buzzwords whilst destroying property. The alt right use memes.

inb4 this thread is locked/deleted


I listen to people if they have something intelligent to say. Here is an example, in the late eighties I chamged my position on the legalization of drugs. It wasn't some hippy who convinced me. It was William F. Buckley. He made a very good argument and backed it up with logic.

When I say argument I mean a clearly laid out composition. Not what I see on the internet. This is the internet's idea of what an argument is:

One thing I've also noticed is that one side is completely right and other side completely wrong and vilified.

When dealing with Alt-Right or Ctrl-Left it's best to press the ESC key.


You said in one sentence what I tried to say in several

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It's a miracle most of us can walk upright. Men oppressing women? nothing more than a beautiful dream for most of us.

Why would you want to oppress anyone? It's a lot of work. My sister oppresses her four sons everyday. She's ready for the glue factory and she isn't even forty:)

Pointless Post. Reported

Well, that's you know, your opinion man. You also made my point. You offered no reasons why it was pointless and simply reported it.


Im in Australia not USA , but I found that this generation and
society is now made up off:-
Generation offended snowflakes and
feminist vegans that try to push their crap more then church door knockers

Still in 2017 I find that WOMEN in AUSTRALIA
now have MORE rights then Straight men

Its amazing how many overweight guys get hassled and picked on
yet if an overweight women lands a non overweight guy its HIGH 5 award
yet when the guy does it , its gross and he is a chubby chaser

A few good channels exist on youtube to debunk offended snowflakes and SJW political dribble

Raging Golden Eagle


I don't think there's much else you can do.

It's nice that these same people who go crusading online lack the confidence to express their views in public.

The only thing I can pick out is taking watermarks out. I don't agree wit that.

The rest is fine imo

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i think the biggest hurdle for me, mentally, was when i realised that being shocked at hideous double standards just makes me stressed. there's a fine line between not going outside at all when it rains, and putting on rubber boots so at least your feet will stay dry.

point being,it's Tumblr. the people who want to simultaneously wave their sexuality in the air like a bendy man outside a car dealership, then turn around and piss all over yours, either have the self-awareness of an avocado or they are well aware of their hypocrisy, and believe the cause which they are fighting for to be worth lying for.

what do you do? well firstly i would do what you've done. find a place unconnected to Tumblr, and have a rant. secondly i would go back and read the TOS of Tumblr, and double-check you haven't crossed any lines. if they do report you, you'll be fine. and thirdly i would tell anyone with a problem that i wasn't interested in their religion, try the next blog over, and slam the door.


Why are you doing this to yourself? The things that have upset you, don't mean anything. There are no rights being trampled on. This is just the media reinforcing double standards that need to go away. You aren't helping yourself.

let me tell you a little story. Last year I was with my cousin for our aunt's funeral. We were driving around and I asked why the flag was at half mast. He said he wasn't sure, but he thought there was a mass shooting. He said he didn't watch or read the news. I told him that I haven't watched it in years. He went on to say that he was a complete news junkie and realized he was miserable. He added that it hit him that he was going to be dead in thirty or forty years and none of this garbage that would matter to him after he was gone. I told him that I did the same and was much happier. We both realized that our time was running out and we had better focus on what is important. Plus, constant stress and drama leads to depression. My grandfather watched the evening news everyday his entire life. He was also one of the most depressed miserable people I have ever known

None of this SJW/Alt right shit matters. I shut off the computer and the TV and they just vanish. That was the point I was trying to make in the final paragraph.

Since we are posting links

I didn't start this to start a fight. I posted this to show that there was a way out.

It's too bad you deleted your comment. I agreed with you and wanted to expand on it.

I'm kind of glad they don't express this around me. It's easier to shut off a TV or computer than it is to shut someone up. I usually use the glare that all married men and boyfriends learn to dread if it does happen.

I don't cut the watermarks of individual photographers. They post these online to advertise their studios. Playboy is another story. That bunny logo is an eyesore:)

If this would have happened a couple of weeks ago, I wouldn't have batted an eye. I was already in an internet foul mood. Send me a PM and I'll tell you what happened. It was disgusting.

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sure, i will in a moment. i wanted to get it out there that i'm not alright with the situation, but i'm not shocked by it either, sadly.

Why would you remove watermarks and re-post them?? Even if you're not making money off of it it's still someone elses work. Also this is a tech forum not a social issues forum.

To answer your first question. It's simple. I don't care. These photos are worthless. They are pumped en masse into the public. If Playboy complains to me I will gladly write out a check for the 1/1000th csnt that I cost them over the past year and a half.

I'm quite aware of the type of forum this is. I don't need you to tell me that this is a tech forum. The title is not misleading in the least. I was told by a moderator that it was ontopic...for the most part and was categorized properly. If you knew you weren't going to be interested in this, why click it?

I'm not interested in what goes on in the lounge. Do you see me in there screaming about people not religiously talking about technology with every post? No. I just don't visit and let everyone have their fun because I am a considerate human being.

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