Sixth gen console emulators

Does anyone know where to find decent Xbox, Gamecube or PS2 emulators? I have a bunch of games for those consoles sitting around, but setting them all up is a pain in the ass.

Xbox (original) emulator

PS2 emulator

Gamecube emulator

For gamecube i use dolphin.

PS2 I use pcsx2

 I haven't found a good xbox emulator, nor a good dreamcast emulator for that matter.

Thanks for the info, that xbox emulator seems pretty useless though, I want to play games other than halo.


just fwi if you have a game that was relesed for both ps2 and gamecube (i've never touched an xbox emulator) pcsx2 almost always runs much better than dolphin (or any gc emulator)

for Dreamcast, I'd recommend nullDC, though demul comes in a close second