Six Pin to Eight Pin HELP!

I recently won money from a contest and i'm using it to upgrade my rig. I have a huge PSU (1KW) but it has no 8 pin connectors. I heard there are converters out there to make a six pin into an eight pin, but i heard it's better to have 2 six pins to 1 eight pin. Can someone clarify? What should I do?

yes there are those adpters. I think there is also a two molex to 8pin adpter. They should have those in most computer stores, just call ur closest one to varify

if your buying a video card don't bother, it will come with one

if not then you should be able to get a 2 molex to 8 pin connector

Yup wait to buy the vga, almost all brands comes with that adapter.

If not in any pc store has it.

your 1k psu..doesnt have 8 [pin conneters?? lol

most if not all video cards come with molex adapters if not all graphic cards should come with molex, that's what i used in my first build.

I didn't think 1k's w/o 8 pin existed.

seriously? a 1k psu withOUT 8pin? weird..

cut them off for cable management? XD