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Situation Report - Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series Gaming Laptop i7-7700HQ dell 15 gaming 1050 ti

Having used Linux in the past for utility only not my main desktop because I just didn’t have it in me to mess about to make everything work I thought I would give 20.04 LTS a go as I was hanging onto windows for the gaming compatibility with steam games (GTA5, PUBG, etc). I gave up on the idea as I haven’t had time to play a PC game for months.

SO, after a week. I have done all the normal desktop stuff. Spun up some VMs, installed putty, managed files on several network servers, viewed complex stock data on a 4k monitor with duel desktops. No problems with any of that. Although, it struggles with 4k sometimes… But it was worse on windows 10. It did a random power down once. And the battery ain’t all that , due to it’s age.

SO FAR, so good… Now I’m curious about gaming. Can it be done with the minimal messing about. YES! I got GTA5 working out of the box(there is a setting in the steam options to enable ‘steam play’, but that’s as hard as it gets. I have been getting 70 to 100 fps at 1080p on both the built in monitor and my external Philips 4k 43" monitor. It actually runs better than it did on windows. I also found it supports built in VNC desktop sharing and after a quick line of code to disable encryption, that was up ad running like a dream.

I am no trying to get PUBG working but it has failed after the basic install due to a battle eye error (Failed to initialize BattlEye Service: Driver Load Error (31).) I think this is where things get hard again but still. GTA5 on linux, easy install that is the same as windows. I think I have found my forever desktop… Just fix the battleye issues!!(BattlEye punks)

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Nice. Have you been trying Lutris for PUBG , or just Steam play/proton?

Just SteamPlay.Proton.
I’m not too worried about getting it going, as I haven’t been gaming on the PC for months. But I do like to know things work so I can recommend them to friends and professionally. Pop and probably Ubuntu (haven’t tried 20.04 desktop yet) are now at a stage where the built in features make it truly a desktop replacement OS without compromise.

That said, have you tried Lutris? Tell me your secrets! :wink:

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Well, looks like even Lutris does not have it running.
You know Protondb is a place where you can find suggestions of which bits to plug into wine/proton to get a specific game to work, Lutris kinda does the same but bundles it all together.
When a game is working on Lutris, it is pretty slick and easy to get working.
But PUBG and some anti cheat games just don’t work, even if the actual game would work.
It won’t help you with this game, but I would suggest giving Lutris an install, and seeing if you can run and Non-Multiplayer* game. It’s free, so only costs some time.
*some multiplayer games ban accounts if you try and run them in a non-standard way, which is bullcrap, but they don’t care about 0.001 of the market

I will keep it in mind. But if it works the same as Proton for the end user, I am happy with Proton. Proton installs automatically when I do it through stream so besides 1 tick box, it is identical to windows 10

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