Site integration of Forums (help us)

I'm trying to integrate php into my index web site that will include data just like teksyndicate index page that shows community blog and new recent posts....


I'm fairly new but I think everyone would be very pleased to know how to do this coding

i'm working with this code here

I keep trying but i get errors can you help? 

I figured out how to add a rss feed, but i really want to be able to see a (specific) (list) of (members) from my simple machines forum..

Another thing Id like to know is how do you get rid of spammers on the tek forums thanks!!!

Wendell will have to chime in on what blocks most of them, iirc something with cloudflare.

Otherwise the mod team will get rid of spamm post pretty quick and remove them, then we try to plug the hole. so it doesn't continue

Cool yeah I think that I will rein-able captcha will work fine for now against bots I mean, I hope lol