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Hardware wishlist page link coming soon. Right now it is early stepping Xeon E5 26xx v3 CPUs because they can be unlocked and any eDP lcd screens (old iMac screens but they are in other stuff).

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If I could experience jealousy this would probably trigger it.

Anyone got a clue what hardware could be in the desk that Wendell can’t talk about yet?
That display in the desk is pretty epyc btw!

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@Wendell, please keep us (or at the very least, me) updated on the 1080 passthrough issue, I was about 5 minutes from ordering a 1080 and TR 1920 for passthrough, but I guess I’ll just hold off on that for a bit. I really hope this can be resolved, if they can get motherboard issues resolved, I’ll be happier than a kid in a candy shop.

Also, you mentioned Vega working, but the last I heard, Vega had the bus reset issue. Are there specific AIB who’ve solved that or something?

Knock on wood :banana::nerd_face: the Vega reset issue is fixed by a patch just dropped last week. I haven’t confirmed.

There is a blogish thread here I’ve been updating the last couple weeks with threadripper and pcie errors. Polaris errored hard core and took my whole system and ssds with it. The screenshots from that are just mental.


Let’s see the aluminum block desk mod


Yes please.

its prettymuch just an aluminum version of the wood thing with some drilled and tapped holes. :stuck_out_tongue: I think the block made a cameo on the final video.

But not how it was installed

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Btw, if you do make your model m bluetooth I’d love a video about it. I’ve seen a couple of guides on how to do it. I just would like Wendell senpai to hold my hand through it ^.^

It appears he did wind up desecrating it, it’s sitting on the desk with no wires.

Looking forward to hearing about the Polaris passthrough.

I’ve been tempted lately to buy a firepro graphics card so I can just not worry about passthrough anymore…

I’m surprised that you expect people to give you hardware for free. We had to pay for it you know. Besides it doesn’t look like you are struggling to pay bills.

Screenahots of how that went are on the pcie problems thread lol

Eh, I suppose because I’ve given away tons of hardware to folks with interesting projects I’m hoping there are other likeminded folks out there on the internet. A lot of the project hardware is free or near free as wasting $ on crazy stuff, at least at full retail $, I almost never do. Tho I am happy to spend on stuff I can earn a profit on.


You gave tons of hardware away because you can afford it. Many times the hw in giveaway is paid for by the manufacturer. On top of that you have patreons giving you cash.

I don’t have those things. So I won’t give spare HW away for free.

I’m not sure those things are really related, though. I’m not sure I was speaking to you personally? Your first post sounds like as if no one out there that happens to have a broken imac would ever give it away. Why so negative?

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That broken imac probably cost something when it was new. Isn’t it normal for that person who will give it to you to get something in return? You find it negative but I find it very strange that you’re expecting people to send you free stuff and have them possibly pay for the postage as well.

I never had some stranger walk up to me and say. Here take my bicycle I don’t use it anymore. Or you can have my old GPU because I bought a new one.

I’m sure you will find someone who will send you something but they will be either very rich or the HW they will send you will be in very poor condition.

I don’t think you need to be rich. I have stuff I don’t want anymore and if I was in the US I would happily give it away. It could be used for something way more interesting then hording it in my closet. I’m sure everyone at level1 puts in more time then they would ever be paid for. We can help by providing cool hardware for them to play with.


So is the source of your original comment was more for me to tone down my expectations then? Honestly that we have had the level of support, not just Patreon, the good will and positivity of almost all aspects of the community has been humbling and encouraging. It is not something I expected, at all.

If you insist on a capitalistic equation, then perhaps the payoff here would be interesting content made from old junk? The forum you are posting on is made possible by the charity of others.

When I was talking about giving away stuff I wasnt really talking about just level 1. People give stuff away they aren’t using all the time, me included… it might be a “south usa” thing because I’ve sure been burned by going out of my way to try and help someone when in reality they were only interested in using me.

I just didnt see the need to crap on it in a post here publicly. What sort of situation is there here that needs corrective action and what is the corrective action? I suppose my problem with it was you saying I expect you, personally, to give up stuff. (I don’t) and then that anyone would (this whole level1 thing is built on the kindness of others).

I can only conclude you were trolling. Please don’t do that.