Sister spilled alcohol on my gaming pc

Hello guys....

My sister was using my gaming pc to skype when all of a sudden, she spills her drink on the top and some of it splashes inside. She let's it run for a while before it refuses to have any video output at all.

It doesn't power on at all with the 7950 plugged in, but when i plug in a working 7770 into it, it powers on, but wont show video output onto the monitor.

Any ideas? The 7950 was being used when she spilled her drink on it.

Have you tried other PCIe slot it may have been damage from the 7950 frying.

Also make your sister get a chrome book for Skype 

I had a dog piss on the side of my case where I had a fan intake leading directly to a GTX 760.

I just cleaned it up and RMA'd it, then sent a new one a week later.