Sinks Retro Mac/hardware wishlist

this is where i will post my want and wish list of retro hardware and mac/apple things

apple graphite collection:
m7613 graphite vga 15" flat panel studio display
ibook g3 graphite
dual processor 500mhz sawtooth g4 graphite
graphite imac g3 usb/adb keyboard and mouse

ipod hi-fi speaker with remote
any classic ipod you have on hand

imac g3 3rd party accessories graphite preferred
the iclock would be a fucking dream

i know shipping will be a million i am in this collection world i pay for good shipping and insurance if you have the time

paypal preferred as payment method

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Iā€™d like a G3/G4 shell, to make a sleeper out of

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you can find a few on ebay the parts are worth to send to repair shops for like 20-30$ the case i recomend making new feet they WILL SHATTER over time