SINKS Mac mini m1 Shenanigans

hey long time no see
Why the m1 well as you know the gpu shortage and good single core performance on the cpu and scalpers made we want to pull my hair out I also wanted to stick it to x86 64 intel amd duopoly and working with garage band protools logicpro that i used in school and am comfortable with i will be making some videos and such to share here and give my experience on use I will be case swapping into my dead g4 cube tba More testing minecraft modding tests vs my other systems mac pro 6c 266ghz rx580 r3 1200 1070
i have a razer core v1 egpu that i use to test external pcie hardware and make backups of my mini hourly when connected to my local back ups i have a 1tb nas that handles a daily image most of my content is on my other machines which was seamless to share all to the mini and any other machine running os 10 5 plus and their respective media content applications are as far uptodate as possible it was near seamless other then logging in with my 2fa typed right after password on older versions of itunes not a other window

my daily driver starting April 12th

OpenEmu is In my opinion the best all in one option

the system seems to handle ram well

the ssd is extremely fast my screens wake slower then it boots
AND with a type c to vga multi port adapter it completely recognized and had settings for my 23 year old 17 16 studio crt its a diamotron

how i use my set up while in the middle of moving

vm fun getting neofetch installed on a windows arm vm when im extrememly rusty with powershell so you get task manger system resources

you can format this if you want . . . . . . . , , , , , , , , , " " " " " " ! ! ! ! ! ( ( ( ( ( ( ) ) ) ) ) ) ) + + + + _ _ _ _ - - - - / / / / / /


ive been playing with the new dictation and now i can see air tags on “find my” app

there are web kit fixes and more

im mostly interested in the dictation and other user end things

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installed htop to track the system in ways i remember well

the memory is off though i will investigate i think it has to do with apps not active in memory

alot of apps are running in the back ground to test stuff


I am a little bit surprised that the M1 based MacBooks come with no more than 16GB of memory. I estimate that to be the bare usable minimum. What is your experience thus far in regards to memory utilization. Does MacOS on M1 somehow handle memory better than the usual x86 based system?


i have a 2009 mac pro that with software it can be usable today and it is left in the dust on memory management 16gb here is like 64gb on the mac pro


Interesting! Without having first hand experience I got the same impression since the base MacBook with M1 has 8GB. On any other system this would not be enough to run a modern browser. I also saw your post with, what was it, around two weeks uptime and no excessive memory utilization. Were you able to determine what kind of magic is happening behind the scenes?

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not really i need more time to test and see things under load


Is it sorcery?

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Using a the 16GB M1 Air, I normally see memory usage sitting at like 12GB just browsing with Chrome with Spotify, PIA, and some other bits running in the background. The SSDs on these things are stupid fast, so accessing the swap isn’t such a huge deal, but does mean they’ll wear quickly.


Which model do you have? I see the base is 650usd and the next up is 800. Id rather have 16gb of ram than 512gb of storage. What is more important to you ram or storage?

Apple Mac mini (Late 2020): M1 CPU w/ 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD (


I got 16gb 256gb ssd m1 i have many external storage solutions which made the m1 a no brainer

Ram is hella important never get 8gb you need at least 16 for heavy loads and ssd life 8gb they use the ssd as active swap killing the ssd faster more ram and you keep a longer m1

Getting linux installed is a pain

With a external fiber card i connected my m1 to xserve raid i can pop in some 2 tb drives and ill be off to the races


Are you using homebrew? Run into anything that doesn’t work or isn’t available on M1?

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i have homebrew check if it is cisc x86-64 and run everything that cant run arm with rosette 2

most of homebrew is just running apples unix code and arm compatible out of the box for most tools and apps i have yet to run into a app that cannot run

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I heard the mainboard is tiny. Kinda makes me wonder if I’m the only one that thinks that adapting a M1 mini inside an amiga 500 case would be extremely cool.

the case is nearly empty it has been case modded into almost everything

M1’s memory management is very fine tuned. Big Sur includes a lot of direct optimizations as well for the architecture. There are definitely some things where it won’t be enough, such as for large data set 3D work, and Apple would rather you buy a Mac Pro for that. It’s a bit of a shame too because M1’s GPU is in theory not far from a 3070 in performance and could definitely do some awesome things in the apps built for it if it had some extra framebuffer to work with.


Don’t suppose ye ole solder double capacity chips thing would be locked behind the firmware

Does it support opencl? Wonder how it’d fold

No firmware lock that I know of. But good luck upgrading. Half the battle is trying not to delaminate the package. I’m almost certain it doesn’t support OpenCL but I also haven’t been following the reverse engineering progress that would expose that.

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 1.40.52 PM

upgraded to mac os 12 beta time to have fun

Ive noticed that some tabs across apps

Have information drop downs they get stuck and go away after you try to get it to move


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