Single Player RPG like TES

So, I'm new to pc gaming and I've been playing a lot of Skyrim and Oblivion. I'm looking for a new RPG for $10 and under, anything like the elder scrolls out there for around that price range?

Sacred 2: gold is $20. While old it is a nice game. Full and quite large especially if you want to ply it through on the various difficulties. 

Precautions: The company did go bankrupt toward the end of the game so the story does tail off pretty quick toward the end but it has an end if you read the story, it is pretty deep. 

You might have to set some launch perimeters and compatibility modes as it was never built for anything past Win XP.

it has a lot of side quests, 500 or so.

There is multiplayer but only through LAN as the official servers ended when the company closed. You can set up world wide LAN through Tungle so you can play with anybody around the world.

The Gold edition included all the patches and DLC which fixes a huge amount of the problems. It has also recently had the DRM removed so it it far more stable than when it released.

There is a community patch which fixes even more issues and adds more weapons, quests and bosses.

It can be had on a few other sites so take a look around for the cheapest deal.


I still frequently play it. i find it really enjoyable but it is a slower game than other RPG's.

Probably the Witcher



Dragon Age: Origins, Fallout 3, and Mass Effect series.

Fallout 3&NV.

If you're willing to branch out into different RPG styles I recommend Dungeon Siege, I played the first one and Legends of Aranna like crazy.


It's the best of the TES series as far as story, lore, and setting goes. You can mod it to update the graphics and with OpenMW you could also look at changing the combat system to something similar to Skyrim or even a M&B/Chivalry style.

Yeah, Fallout 3 and New Vegas is probably a good place to start.  They're even made by the same developer as the Elder Scrolls games, so there is a familiar feel to them...  even though the setting is completely different.

Bear Simulator. Straight from this webpage "It's like a mini Skyrim but you're a bear"

It is currently in Alpha though.

dark souls (dark souls 2 is out next mth for pc)