Single player games March 2013

Well with march being on its way and me forgeting about stuff with all the news going around such as the nvidia Titan,crysis3,nextgenconsoles,etc... I forgot about some great anticipated games that are coming out this march that being Bioshock infinite and Metro last light. While they are both different games they share the similiar trait of being single player games that rely on the game being driven by story. I have loved the story of bioshock and rapture and even the recently rereleased system shock 2. It seems that the dark underwater hallways of rapture are long gone and is now being replaced with a colorful palate and a utopia which is just about to crumble yet still has life. But enough about that if you were a fan of the stalker series you probably have looked into metro 2033. Metro 2033 has been one of thoose games that may have been overlooked by many. It had a believable world where people who have escaped the horrors of the nuclear fallout now live in different giant substations under russia, while facing the horrors of mutants, and man made troubles such as bandits and the two great factions who still wage war in the metro tunnels all while a nuclear winter has consumed the world above. Well now we are back a few years after the original story of metro 2033 and the nuclear winter is starting to subside into spring all the while the two factions are still continuing to clash under the metro. With spring coming, life is begining to grow again and there is hope for humanity. Anyway enough about me explaining these games what are your comments and opinons about these upcoming games in march and what other games are you looking forward to in march.  

I'm really really looking foward to Metro: Last Light. I absolutely loved the Metro 2033 game and story. I'm trying to find the books and read them but I don't have much time to really enjoy them. I just recently got into the Bioshock series and I love it! It's story is just so good and it really had me thinking on the innovations societies from the past thought we'd have today. I was hesitant to try it since a friend of mine said it's a horror shooter and at that time the only horror shooter I liked was F.E.A.R. I didn't like the way the game played at first but after giving it a try I really enjoyed them. I'm also looking forward to more news on GTAV and BF4.

If you happen to be in budget to buy a graphics card, you can get some Radeon HD series that comes with Bioshock and Tomb Raider for free... Just sayin'