Single monitor stand suggestions?

I have a Crossover 289k monitor (28 inch monitor), which is VESA compatible, I was thinking of switching the default stand to a an adjustable stand like this

but before I buy this, does anyone have any suggestions for any alternative ones?
Has anyone bought from VIVO?
The reviews on Amazon are decent saying the stand is built like a tank. Only complaints are that the base is too big.

Things to consider

  • I am not sure about deskmount because the desk is about half a inch thick (could add wood or use a book if it is too thin)
    • the desk came with some predrilled holes that are a little under 5.5 inches apart



desk right next to the wall

  • I am living in a dorm, so wall mounting is out.
  • I am not sure if I am ready to buy another monitor

You can't just prop it up on something?

I could, but I don't want to mess with the glass base of the monitor.
I was thinking of using books, but the only ones I have are too small to have the monitor comfortably sit without any issues.
It would get pretty messy if the books slipped and the monitor fell

I would check out Office Max or Office Depot or Best Buy if they are nearby.
On a lark I went into an office depot thinking it was a waste of time and found the perfect bedroom PC stand for me.
Sometimes seeing actual stuff helps

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office depot/best buy has monitor stands?
Wow the more you know eh?

Probably not really worth the money for just a height adjust stand. at least get something that swivels and does other stuff

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swivels as in moving the screen left and right (rotating it to be vertical)?
Would you happen to have any recommendations/ features I should look for(dunno where to look for a buying guide)?

Problem being most of those solutions are meant to be attached to your desk so it's sturdy

Are there any reliable desk mounts that don't break the bank? So far reviews for desk mounts complain about sagging and false advertising.

I could potentially add a block or a book to help with the mount

Not sure on Best buy, I would check thier web site, Ditto for Office Depot. It's just they have office stuff and sometimes You just see something and your like"Wow, that's perfect" and sometimes it is a total waste.
For me it worked out so I was hoping maybe you might find something.
For me the stand on the right was 30 or 35 and replaced the snack table I was using on the left. CPU fits nicely on bottom and I can wake up and play a game or two with my coffee and roll it back when I am done

I have it at the edge of our bed, wife like watching me game on it. 28" flatscreen on top is about the limit I think. I would not want a 32" without bolting it or something

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updated main
is my desk (half a inch thick) thick enough to safely mount a stand?
Another thing is that the desk is against a wall. Would the wall cause interference with the swivel?

probably not, just get a double jointed one for full mobility

far as the desk stuff, you can just add something under it to make it thicker for the bolts to grab onto, should be fine at that point most likely...

thanks, do you have any recommendations for mounts?

Just look through amazon mostly, but ya if you can get that working, you get a lot more options

Here's one for up top, could maybe just screw that to the desk for extra stability if needed

Am I the only one who'd never even consider having such a huge foot stand on my desk?

Saw this on massdrop, is this worth it?

Probably better overall if you want to spring for the extra cost

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@Streetguru, thanks it is $60 before taxes and shipping is it still worth it? Is this overkill?
Thinking of getting this mass drop has this for $60

Does anyone have any positive or negative experiences with this?
Some good reasons why I should not get this would be nice

dimity has a review of it

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I bought a 144hz gaming monitor the stand was great when I had a lower chair, but now I have a taller chair so I would like suggestions for another arm.

The monitor in question


  1. can my ergotech freedom arm support another 27 inch monitor?
  2. should I mount 2 arms on the same desk?