Single monitor DP 1.4 kvm issue on Ubuntu

I have received a PAAG-E3112B, single-monitor 2-port DP 1.4 KVM. I am experiencing a problem and I hope someone can provide some guidance.

The basic problem is a video transfer issue. When 2 computers are connected, either will display video on my monitor. If I am displaying video from Ubuntu machine (DP#2) and transfer to my Windows machine (DP#1) the video transfers normally. However, if I then transfer back to the Ubuntu machine (DP#2) input all functions tranfer but, the video does not. (The display shows NO SIGNAL.) The only way I can get video from DP#2 to display is to restart the Ubuntu (DP#2) computer. I’ll describe my troubleshooting efforts shortly.

But, here is where it gets weird. The transfer problem follows the Linux box. Video transfer will always occur when transferring to the Windows machine. Tranfer back and forth will always occur normally provided that the Linux box is displaying the login screen. But, if I then log into Ubuntu and transfer to the Windows machine and subsequently attempt to transfer back to the Ubuntu machine - video transfer fails.

Troubleshooting: I have swapped cables and DP inputs between computers and KVM; swapped between the 3 DPs on the GTX 960 card; installed the Level1 cable set; recycled power to the KVM. All to no avail.

Conclusion: The seems to be a compatibility issue between this KVM and GTX 960 in an Ubuntu machine - any thoughts or suggestions?

Window Machine-
Mobo: ASUS Z87-WS
CPU: ZEON E3-1275
Video: Using on-board video output
Op System: Windows 10

Linux Box-
Mobo: X370-PRO
CPU: RYZEN 7 1800X
Video: GTX 960
Op System: UBUNTU 18.04LTS

I would check if the same happens if you try to plug out and plug in monitor directly from/to GTX 960

Also some logs from Ubuntu would be helpful. journalctl -b --no-pager or dmesg for example, right after you make switch. You can monitor it from Windows box using putty, for example.
Generally seems like GTX is disabled after switch, and never comes back. Or X/DM just freaks out. But without some logs its just guessing game.

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