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Single GPU Passthrough: AMD modules

Void Linux. I’ve been running this for a while, because I compiled it myself, but recently, the devs released aarch64 musl and glibc for the Pi 4, so you can easily try it now. Void is not really beginer friendly, but it’s the distro that fits my needs and wants perfectly.

Pi-Hole should run on a 2GB and even 1GB Pi just fine.

Hmm, yeah, not sure how you would go around to fix that. Long time ago, I used the Kodi youtube plugin, but it stopped working after some time, due to it requiring an API key (ridiculous!). So I just moved to youtube-dl and playing videos in mpv.

Screen tearing had been a problem on x11, but I moved to sway and it works pretty well for up to 1080p videos (I mostly watch in 720p, because I’m more interested in the content presented, rather than the visual quality of the content).

I think the Pi 4 should be capable of streaming if you use ffmpeg. Depends on the settings though. If the people who did Pi-KVM managed to make the Pi stream display inputs from a USB capture card, it should be possible.

The only reason why I can use the Pi as my main PC is because I’m running my root partition on an SSD on USB3. I’ve first tried Ubuntu 20.04 and then 20.10 on the Pi 4 on a pretty fast SD card, but the experience wasn’t that great. I moved to Void because some more niche programs were already in the repository, that Ubuntu aarch64 did not have (like abduco) and because I really like the xbps package manager. And the Void devs made Void ridiculously safe to update from a stale installation.. You don’t see that on a lot of rolling release distros (I also like that Void is not bleeding edge).

Anyway, I think we derailed your own thread quite considerably, sorry for the really off-topic comments.

I looked it up, interesting. I think I will be testing it, but It’s an independent system, which means it has everything itself… and problems… I mean, arch had some kind of hack away with the Argon ONE case fan… So i basically only use Debian/Ubuntu based systems for that purpose alone.

Hahaha! It’s like me when I saw some animé at my friends place, he only had 1Mbit down… So it sucked. Watched a whole series in 360p. ^^ hahaha
240p was unbearable though… It wasn’t as sharp picture as 360p+ has.

There are so many crazy projects out there, so it’s bound to be a way. ^^ haha. Stream play and stream at the same time. The problem with RISK processors though is that we are basically now seeing support for them, because they didn’t have any potential up until the moment google and apple made their progresses.

POP! Was really rocking it on the SSD, but it’s only 256GB, but on a RPi, it’s probably a lifetimes usage. "/ haha

Yeah I like new stuff, but I don’t want the test/dev/experimental updates.

No worries for me anyways. ^^

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