Single Board Computer capable of ~2008 AAA gaming? (no dGPU)

ASRock Deskmini A300 might be worth a look. It’s not that much bigger and with a noctua NH-L9a on a low TDP chip it should be quiet as well.

fun fact, the AM4 desk mini comes with a low profile cooler so you dont need the noctua. If you get the lower TDP chips you can just take the outer shroud off the stock AMD cooler and it will fit too. Both are fairly quiet.

Probably true, yeah. I’m just a noctua whore. :stuck_out_tongue:

theres totally nothing wrong with that, and I bought one anyway… just throwing it out there that you dont strictly need one if cost is a factor.

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Actually it may appear to be a bit hilarious - but I used Noctua NF-A4x10 for Raspberry Pi 4B in this car - not because it’s silent. Not because it has high airflow. But actually because it draws only 50mA @ 5v so it’s probably one of the most efficient fans in the world and in case of raspberry Pi which draws like 400 mA at idle, difference between 50 mA fan and 160 mA fans (in common active heatainks for RPi) is significant. Stock fans were usimg almost as much as half of power used by whole Pi 4B!

So yeah there’s many unexpected reasons to be Noctua fanboy xD

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My bedroom is very close to 40 degrees in the summer, AC just doesn’t reach the room at all. I am operating Zen+ in it just fine. So tbh its absolutely an option. As for electronics in 80 degree temps, the stuff inside those SBCs are the exact same technology, the only difference being heatsinks being more of a focal point.

12v DC can sustain 144w, that system draws less. Underclocked it could easily draw below 100w, and still provide more power than those SBCs but its all about what you are willing to put into the project, and exactly what kind of actual quality of experience you want.

Hmmmm, not on a pi. You’d want an x86 specific sbc.

I know some exist with atom Z chips in them and those can actually game. Lowe power too.

A ‘single board computer’ eh? … well that would be a games console then. Seriously, they really are the most reasonable devices from that standpoint when you are talking your typical AAA titles. And the games companies even go to the trouble / bother of optimizing specifically for them… you cannot really do better.

Just a small update on the 3000G, Phoronix ran a ton of tests on one:

PCPartPicker shows one available from some place for $60. That 20% bump in price makes it substantially less attractive to me compared to a 2200G with the power limited or cores disabled.

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Funny you guys mention the Lattepanda… LTT did the ULTIMATE BOTTLENECK with that board:

You could look at the upcoming Ryzen Embedded options that have a Vega iGPU. It’s a cut down version of a 3200G or 3400G, but should do what you seek:

So the Sequoia v6 is a good option.

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Oh wow there’s literal buttload of V1605B based industrial SBCs! :open_mouth: Thanks for link somehow I didn’t think that they’re all listed on AMD website just like that.

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