Single 690 vs 2x 680 4gb SLI vs Titan vs 670 4gb SLI for 1920x1080 3d

What a long title!

I will be running 3d at 1920x1080. Thanks!

If it helps, it's always best to buy the best single card you can afford than go for two cards at once (unless it's a 680 or something). Also what's your budget?

Budget? HA! What is a budget? >:D


*No budget* :) Just want it to be best for my money.

Holy balls :P In that case, if I were in your situation, I'd get a titan or a 690. Not wanting to rely on SLI is a good thing seeing as loads of games are terribly optimised for it so I'd lean towards the titan and then get another later. But if there's no option for getting another later then it's 690 all the way.

690 is SLI but Nvidia call it 'Multi GPU' on the hardware. 2 GPU's used as one is called SLI or Xfire if AMD

Would the Titan be fine for 3d at 1920x1080 *1 titan, not 2 :P*


I want to be at least past 45 fps on max settings in games. If it is possible, past 30 in Crysis 3.


3D monitor or 3D TV? If are gonna hook up to a 3D TV you will come across input latency because your TV will try to process your input, chew up all the GPU's hard work, and replace it for what it thinks is the most optimal output. If that happens then you are just wasting your money on your new GPU.

the titan can do those things.

A single 680 could do that too.

I'd get a single 680 or Titan lol.

Since you have the disposable income why not get a 7970 and a GTX 680 and have the 680 run as your Physx engine.

No. Don't do that....

The Titan destroys every other card on the market. Go with that.

Im going for Titan. And no, its not a TV.