Single 4k Display - Multiple Virtual Monitors

Hoping to glean some knowledge from the community and create a resource for others that are facing a similar dilemma.

Looking for product/solution/hack to create multiple virtual monitors on a single 4096x2160 display within Windows 10. The virtual monitors would be detected as separate entities and be able to assign dedicated full-screen application control. Example screen split would be 2x 4096x1080.

I’ve recently purchased an LG 50" 4K TV (model 50UK6540PTD) that is really nice for PC gaming and productivity. Unfortunately does not have the LG monitor screen-split software as part of it’s package. Has changed my mind about using multiple physical displays to a single big display.

Initial Research & Testing:
Display Fusion Pro - Can set screen regions to snap, but not detected as separate monitors.

Borderless Gaming - Can set per application resolution and force borderless window. (Current solution).

nView - Unable to run without a Quadro, only have single graphics GTX 1080 in system. (Possible can run both in system, requires obtaining a Quadro card).

UltraView Desktop Manager - Looks similar to Display Fusion but no trial version to test. ($99USD is a bit much to gamble).

That’s everything so far but light bulb idea just now, maybe powershell can help in creating virtual monitors? Thoughts?

Cheers from the land down under.

You hit pretty much the same conclusions i did when researching the same question. None of them really worked for me (i didnt try UltraView for the same reason as you). In the end I just ended up getting a gaming monitor for games that Full Screen was a requirement (WoW and overwatch for me). Everything else is using windows’ built-in snap corners.

I’ve come across AquaSnap that does horizontal window snapping.

I like it better then the default Windows 10 snap features.

I looked for a solution to this for a while and found nothing. I ended up buying this:"+4k&dpID=51q0j1UZwkL&preST=SY300_QL70&dpSrc=srch

That monitor I believe can output 4 displays at once? Would be a solution that having multiple inputs from the same graphics card would show as 2 separate monitors in windows.

I currently have on graphics card connected to the monitor from 1 PC with 4 individual outputs. Until recently I was using two different computers with 2 inputs each to the monitors for 4 individual monitors. You can mix and match to your hearts content really.

Anyone found a new solution?

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