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Since they can make 1 TB MicroSD cards, why aren't there larger SD cards?

You need at least good video speeds… I always get the sandisk ectreme pro s or higher. I am pretty sure another faster class has come out since I last purchased micro sd cards.

The spec was released in May 2020.



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That might explain it then

Ya …:slight_smile:

Android hates the old trick of running your apps off the expanded storage. Which is almost always faster than the device storage. Unless you really cheap out.

what kind of junk phones are you buying?

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I do not buy phones.

well that explains it I suppose

Mostly tablets… Yes some of them do not have the best onboard storage.

Don’t even remind me, Android doesn’t even allow direct SD card writes for some reason. Yes I gave it permission, still won’t write to it. I swear SD card support has gone backwards 10 years since Android 2.3.

But internal storage on phones is faster these days and it has graceful degradation (bad blocks are just removed/blocked, reducing total memory, but allowing further writes and saving your data).

My lenovo with Pie will force direct writes to sd. But part of it gets corrupted.

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At least use a Hexagonal Pin Grid Array.

A Square Lattice isn’t as efficient.