Since Lenovo SCREWED my order, please help me pick a laptop

Since Lenovo canceled my order Link here

I am looking for a new work laptop comparable to the P50 to put the m.2 ssd and the 64gb ddr4 ram I bought so they don't go to waste.

You help will be appreciated.

I'm personally a really big fan of Dell and their warranty program, so you may want to research the Dell 7510 a bit. I personally own 2 Dell laptops (Precision M4600 and Inspiron 3148), and had a pretty good warranty experience with my 3148.

HP also makes workstations called the ZBooks. I don't have very much experience with HP, their workstation laptops, and their warranty's.

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I'll toss in a vote for Dell's workstations. Own an M4600 as well and despite minor CPU throttling issues which were quickly patched in an updated BIOS, the machine is pretty flawless. Their quality these days is actually kind of incredible, with magnesium and aluminum framing and easy access to commonly serviced parts. Honestly Dell has filled the hole that IBM left when they tossed their laptops to Lenovo.


Unless you buy an Apple laptop, I doubt you'll be able to escape call-center hell if you ever need to articulate anything from the major laptop companies. I've personally been in Dell's arena more than I care to admit. What I've come to learn is their call centers/departments are so badly fragmented, that they do not have a direct line of communication between each division. These companies are not primed to handle issues beyond what can be solved by troubleshooting prompts..

All I can offer is you try if you want to avoid long wait ques the next time this happens.

+1 For Dell

I have lost respect for Lenovo since their Malware incident. Such a shame; I used to stand by them.

I am actually going to recommend the alienware 15 inch.

You get a much larger batter, you get a full i7 6820hk, and you can get a GTX 1070 (or 1060 if you want to make it a bit cheaper).

The only real downside compared to the P50 is that you do not get 4 ram slots. So 64GB of ram is going to be basically impossible.

If you want 64GB of ram and 32GB just isn't an option, then I am sorry to say that you need to go back and get the P50.

No apple laptops for me. I need to be able to get serious performance out of it. I need a lot of RAM and windows.

What is wrong with these companies? How is Dell customer service? Did the privetization of the company help at all to their competitive performance and customer service or are they all the others?

Have you tried them? Are they any good?

Dell has gotten a lot better.

They just dont offer a laptop with 4 dimm slots

And just to be clear, you can still get 64GB of ram for these laptops, but its going to be VERY expensive.

Gigabyte has some older gen laptops with 4 dimm slots, but IMO their customer service and product support is worse than lenovo.

MSI workstation laptops might have something for you, but I doubt you will find anything good in a 15 inch laptop.

Get is a website that will tell you what phone number to call if you want to get in touch with a human.

Basically it helps you circumnavigate lenovo's phone tree.

I use it quite a lot..
Theres a callback option on their site, where they will call in place of you and ring your phone whenever they get a response. The system isnt 100% foolproof, but it works well enough where it has saved me several frustrating hours.

From my experience (in Canada), amazing. I spoke with people who actually spoke proper English (no ascents), and when I told them I'm not a clueless fuck, and have vast amounts of knowledge with computers, they didn't put me through the torture of going through their incredibly time consuming and basic "problem solving/problem finding" stage.

I told them what was wrong, how I knew it was wrong, and how the USED LAPTOP (I didn't buy it new) that I bought still had warranty.

They sent a technician over within 3 days to replace a part that would have costed over $100 brand new (on-site warranty, not the other, crappy warranty)

Now, there are a couple caveats to their warranty. If you bought a used laptop that was originally purchased in the U.S (like me), they implement much stricter rules upon you, and what type of warranty service you get. If you get the information as to where it was purchased in the other country, you're golden, but if not, expect them to severely limit the type of warranty service you will receive.

If you buy the Dell laptop brand new, pay the little extra for the on-site warranty (some of their latitude/precision laptops come with it included for free). If you do have any problems, it'll save you a lot of trouble (like it did for me), and heck, if your warranty is running out, you could always do the very dishonest thing and just have your laptop motherboard "break" a month before the warranty is up (just make sure there is no water damage!)

Get a Razer.

no seriously, Razer's laptop build quality is top notch, and will not disapoint.

I have to start my research again. I really really need 64GB of RAM for statistics. Getting a laptop not supporting 4 SoDimm is unfortunately not an option otherwise I would go to any other manufacturer. I am still looking.

The Lenovo saga continues with so many people online, on reddit, their forums etc.

This guy had his shipment date moved 2 MONTHS AFTER

This company just sold things they didn't have to people at low prices so they would not go to the competitors in my opinion. This is serious and the fact that they told this guy that "Management has decided that there is no compensation at this time" shows that.

They expect us to be SHEEP and sit here accepting their practices and paying them money for it.