Simulator PC/Screen

Hi all sorry for no introduction

Let me just keep this simple and fast

Im not english as you gonna see down in the post, so sorry if anything spelled wrong

Im interested in tech stuff particulary linux/bsd.

Im in need you your help

I need to pick parts for a PC and building and since I dont build one in 3/4 years I need some help picking up the parts

The main porpuse of this PC is playing racing simulator games

Im from europe so my currency is either € or £

Basicly the plan is to buy from since they ship to my country and I dont pay customs taxes

My budget for PC + Screen is 750€

I already have a case

What I got so far was the following:







I dont need disk since I already have some

But this setup goes a little beyond my budget

I was thinking changing the cpu from intel to amd, but im not acostume with their CPU/APU

Some opinions would be appreciated, where could I cut to keep this in my budget, I was thinking maybe CPU/motherboard

OS: will be Windows7

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you can help me