Simulate Logins to an Windows Server Active Directory

I Have a windows server 2016 AD set up on a vm currently, i am trying to test the load for different amount of users logging in at one time. There was a tool for doing this (Adtest.exe) but Microsoft stopped updating it back in 2010. Is there anyway to simulate multiple user logins without having to Physically log people in Manually as this would be a nightmare for the number of users i am trying to test it with?

Its funny you say this as ive been working on something of similar nature. but more focused to the remote web side.

I have a few questions before we go any further.

1) is this for personal use? or is this something in production?
2) how are the passwords for these users stored? (are they even stored?)
3) is this somthing you wouldnt mind paying for? or is your mind set on free?

Let me know as i may be able to help :)

Thanks for the reply

It is for a project i am working at my university for comparing how different Active directory platforms deal with load based on different amount of users logging in simultaneously. The Password and user names are all stored in the hashed attribute and cannot be read externally as far as i am aware.
Unfortunately this is just a research project and has no funding so was just looking for some advice tips to point me in the right direction.

Ahh okay fair enough so you don't need to hand actual software in, just theoretical.

This is a tough one as it will depend where the AD server is on the chain and how you're utilising it. from my experience its the Terminal server that deals with most of the load, and you would typically have a few of them to shuffle useres between, this is called load balancing. and its a simple feature to implement with the Server manager in windows server. (though much easier in 2012+).

So the AD server doesnt really deal with load as such. again this is assuming you have nicely setup roles and policies. groups etc. Its easy to make contradictory roles etc.

Hope this helps, let me know if i can help further