Simply download and compile the kernel into usr/src

cd /usr/src/

2 wget the kernel source

You can change the version number to whatever you want in the future.

3 When it's done downloading, untar the tarball

tar -xvJf linux-4.4.tar.xz

4 You can figure the kernel to add and remove features, but this is optional.

cd linux-4.4
make menuconfig

5 Compile the kernel and kernel modules

make && make modules

6 Install the kernel modules

make modules_install

7 Now, install the new kernel.

make install

Now, reboot. To check if you succeeded and everything went well:
uname -r

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What's the point of this thread?


If you are going to post a tutorial maybe you should, idk explain why people would want to go through this process and what all the benefits of linux are. I mean you've just given some instructions and no background to whats the purpose of the tutorial, what a use would be of this information, and no convincing reason why anyone would go through this. A basic tutorial on how to install the linux kernel should idk, include a basic overview of the information and an argument for why someone should go through all this. I mean I saw this and said, 'wow this is not going to be used by anyone,' starting with your title, which has no mention that this is a tutorial. The lack of any explanation or reasoning for why someone should go through this and so forth.

I don't want to come off as bashing you, because tutorials are great and we need more of them. But they need to be more fleshed out and be more easily accessible.


Any one curious about compiling the Kernel would understand by the title... It's pretty much self explanatory


Whilst you wrote a good guide, i do agree that maybe explaining why someone would want to update kernel would be a good idea.

A good recent example would be (CVE-2016-0728).

Information here:

Another good idea would be to include at the start of the guide how someone might check to see what version their kernel is?

uname -r

I look forward to a new guide from you in the future.

you can also use git to aquire the kernel as well

simple and clean guide

may want to add a preface though

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