Simple office PC build sub $500

Ok guys and gals, today I was approached by a friend who asked if I could build a PC for his dad's office.  Of course I said I could and would, not realizing that the few PC's I have built for myself and friends are quite different from the needs of this build.  Normaly the PC's Im putting together are the high end gaming performers with multi gpu's and overclocking headroom,


This time arround I need something sub $500(no graphics or sound cards ovb.) that will be built to stay running for a week or so w/o restarts, has decent networking capabilities, and has usb3 and sata6gb/s.  Also looking to include a ssd bootdrive w/ a 500Gb hdd storage minimum. Another and monitor must be included in budget.


Any help is appreciated, as stated I'm not really well versed in components other than the higher end stuff.  Also not too familiar w/ AMD's tech and I know that they tend to be more budget friendly.


Thanks in advance for any ideas

You may want to look more at Dell offerings.

Some of their low end OptiPlex are $440 that includes an operating system.  Then you're tasked with finding cheap monitors to fit the $500 budget.

It's pretty hard to include something that looks office appropriate, includes the operating system and costs basically nothing.

I'm going to assume pirating windows is a bit out of the question since it's for an office setting but I'm sure someone here will insist that route because they believe Microsoft doesn't deserve any money and bla bla bla

that is good as I could do for $500

little over my bad.

comes with everything you want under $500 and you can chose what case yo like i just chose a cheap option

Would be my suggestion

only thing you need is an OS


CPU: 54$   -- AMD A4-5300

MOBO: 70$ ($49.99 after $20.00 rebate)    --BIOSTAR Hi-Fi A85S3

RAM: 40$   -- Wintec One 8GB (2 x 4) 1600

SSD: 70$  -- ADATA Premier Pro SP900 64 GB (get a 32GB to save a few dollars)

HDD: 60$  --Seagate Barracuda ST500DM002 500GB 7200 RPM

PSU: 60$  --SeaSonic S12II 380B 380W

CASE: 40$ --Antec VSK -3000 or   --Silverstone PS08B (if you want USB 3.0 front header)

MONITOR: 90$  -- Acer G185HVb 18.5"

Shipping 18$

TOTAL: $502  $482 with rebate

just my 2 cents


Ubuntu would be pretty cool for this build if you could.

Do you need an OS too? Also, what programs are they going to run on this office computer? 

Yes I will need an OS...probably win7.  As far as programs apparently he often runs amazing charts, quick books, and a web browser simulatneously. 

Ubuntu or some other distro would be cool, but I think he wants something that will just seamlessly replace his old system, which is running windows.  

Well here's the best I could do with that budget:

The CPU is last gen but it's still a quad core which should be future proof for a few years. The Llano APUs are the cheapest quad cores around at the moment and you'll find good sales on them and their motherboards now and then. 

Here's a dual core Intel alternative:

For price and performance go with the Phenom II x4 955 Black 

or the Fx 4300



Your FM1 buid is bugged and doesn't display the price of the ram properly so it's a bit over.  Although if you remove the optical drive it may just fall just within budget.  Pretty nice.