Simple healthy food ideas and I mean simple

What are some food that you have cooked that are really simple, quick and tasty to a gamer who has never really cooked before other than making the classic Instant Mi Goreng or Instant noodles (Top Ramen, I'm Australian). please post them down since I am kind of interested of what people make cause I'm going to need this since I better stop eating junk food and loose some weight and I have little cooking experience. Oh by the way I am allergic to seafood (dont know exactly which kind I try to avoid it though my parents keep giving me stuff with fish sauce) and beef due to getting a rash some time later which i try hard not to scratch by freezing my hands or giving it light first degree burns which is oddly satisfying. . I don't mind if there is any ingredients that I am allergic but I am willing to try them if there can be a good substitute ingredients that can be used.

Cheep Curry, fairly simple and really tasty. the guy has a sword channel but occasionally dose budget cooking

and if you wanted to go real simple, steak and steamed vegetables is a good option

Grab an egg. Grab an avocado. Grab some pepper. Grab a skillet. Add heat to skillet. Add lube to skillet (butter or olive oil, I prefer the latter). Crack that egg on there and let it get all caucasian. Stick it on a plate and put some avocado slices and pepper on it. 

If you crave carbs, stick all that mess in a tortilla and burrito your face with it. 

Simple, mostly good fats, high protein, decent fiber and vitamin content. 


put sprouts in your sandwhich.

I like to cook up some brown rice an just pour some salsa into it. no idea if this is healthy but with a rice cooker on hand its sure as hell simple.

I'm going to mod ergo-proxy's recipe a bit. I would chop some sweet potatoes and throw in some other veggies like mushrooms or spinach and cook them with the rice. This is as healthy as you can get in a rice cooker.

hamburger helper, and you can add some frozen veggies like red pepper, cheese and peas

eat a fruit. wash it. eat it. cant get any easier.

Baked Yam:

1. get a yam (preferably garnet yam)

2. stab multiple times with fork in various locations

3. drizzle olive oil on yam

4. + salt, pepper, and fresh or died thyme, rosemary, oregano

5. put on cookie sheet or pyrex tray and place in oven @ 400 degress for 45 mins to 1 hour

6. Go play games for 45 mins to 1 hour

7. consume yummy baked yam


Braised collards:

1. cut up 1/2 onion, 2 stalks celery, 1 carrot, prepare multiple garlic cloves (3 or so)

2. rip leaves from stem of collards and cut leaves into small ~2" squares

3. Add oil (preferably olive) into large skillet and heat the skillet on medium heat

4. Once skillet is hot, add carrots.  After a minute or so, add onion and celery. Add salt, pepper.  Cook veggies until they start to soften.

5. Add garlic and continue to cook veggies for 4-5mins

6. add 1-2 tbsp apple cider vinegar and stir everything up

7. add additional herbs, spices as wanted (red pepper flake, thyme, rosemary, oregano, etc)

8. add in all the collards and pour in up to 1 cup of chicken/vegetable stock of your choice (make sure bottom of skillet is coated with a decent amount liquid (similar amount to when coating the skillet with oil)

9. stir everything.  Cover skillet with lid or foil and place in oven @ 350 degrees for 30 minutes

10. practice alchemy for 30 minutes

11. consume yummy braised collards


Ramen and a can of mixed vegetables. Ate that all through college and I survived.. mostly

Grilled chicken. you are young. you need protein. It takes 20 minutes.

You can mix it up these ways:

  • Rub spices on it before grilling, or;
  • Rub a Tarragon (its a kind of herb) and dijon mustard mix on it before grilling, or;
  • Put some cheese on it (at the end, after it is cooked)

You can slice it up and throw it in a salad to fill you up more.

  • Shell pasta.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Sun dried tomatoes.
  • Green olives.
  • Artichokes.
  • Optional: Small amount of tomato pasta sauce/red pesto, and cheese.

Only thing that needs cooking is the pasta, which takes 10 minutes.  Can eat hot or cold.  Can add other ingredients too, what ever you like.  I also use kitchen roll to absorb the excess oil from some of the ingredients.  Ten times nicer that the pre-packaged containers found in the supermarket.

I get fully cooked grilled chicken (the kind that you would buy to put in a fajita.) some bagged lettuce, and dressing to make an easy salad.  I add carrots and onions but you can use what every veggies you like.  

Omelets or scrambled eggs are very easy just beat some eggs add a little milk and put in a hot skillet.  Season and add cheese meat and veggies to your taste.

Pasta is super easy to prepare and a personal favorite of mine.  You can use whole grain pasta to make it a little healthier.  I also recommend your favorite meat.  The chicken above can be used or you can grill beef or sausage etc.


Sandwiches are another good one.

Pro sandwich tip: Use freshly baked (opposed to pre-packaged) buns or rolls instead of sliced bread.

Italian tomato sauce with pasta: Throw in a can of chopped tomatoes into a pan. crack a few free range eggs into that, season with salt and dried chili, and let it simmer under a coverage. (don't stir) Then boil some pasta and wait until the eggs are cooked, and serve.

Vegetable soup: Throw in as much Extra Virgin olive oil as you think is good in a large pot, then add a little more, fry some curry in it, then throw in all the veggies, (pre-chopped & frozen veggies is fine if you're lazy) add a can of chopped tomato and almond milk. Season with salt and what else you got. Let it simmer under coverage for about 20 minutes to half an hour, and serve.

Make soup from vegetables you have just google recipes. Simple soup is easy to make, tasty and healthy. If you make loads pop the rest of the soup in the freezer and just heat it up in the microwave when you want to eat it. Serve with bread. Make sure you use a freezer and microwave safe bowl or just transfer it from the freezer container to a bowl that can go into the microwave.

A really good snack (very popular in Mexico) is Cucumbers, lime juice, salt and chili. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just slice the cucumbers into sticks, place in ziplock bag, squeeze in Lime juice, add bit of sea salt and then crushed chili peppers, good to go. Delicious, also very cooling on a hot day.

Beans, season and heat to taste, tortilla, heat to optimal temp combine, enjoy.

Frozen lamb pie, potato topped if you can find it. + frozen steamed veggies i.e carrot, beans, peas, corn. Heating instructions will be on the back of the packet.