Simple Games/Activities you could do on any computer!

So my computer broke down and i'm in the process of getting a new one. But in the meantime what are some non-demanding tasks/activities/games i could play or do without having my computer's processor burn a hole through the middle. Thank you!

Yeah my PC's out of action at the mo' too. On my laptop, I'm still able to play Spelunky, Binding of Isaac, Hotline Miami, Braid and quite a few others. So yeah, there's lots of indies you could play.

Thanks man, Ur actually the first nice person i met on the forum. Even though MR.Syndicate himself said everyone is cool on the forum!

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Lol really? I guess on any forum there are gonna be a few a-holes, but in my experience most people here are pretty helpful. So if you need help picking out your new PC/parts, don't be afraid to ask for help. There's loads of people here who'll help you out.

I play FTL and Star Wars Battlefront 2 on my laptop with a core i3


If you like pokemon battling - Pokemon is a lot of fun and very addictive.

um... maybe something like nidhogg?

Could be you?

You could try Terraria.

I love pokemon showdown. As well as emulators. Final fantasy 7/8 is also not very taxing

Bgo , i hate what they did to my hogg. :)