Simple Conky Scripts?

Anyone know of a decent script to take up the upper right of my monitor? I would make one, but I'm caught up in a lot of work right now. It'd be great if there was a script that displayed just text and bars. No LUA. I want it to be able to display my i7 5820ks CPU usage, RAM usage, GPU usage, the available space in / and /home, my processors temperature, my GPUs temp, and the top 3 processes. I would prefer the text and everything to be light blue or cyan, but I can change that. Thanks

I can't really answer your question exactly because i'm not that familiar with conky. However I will tell you what I have setup and some of my favorites. First off I recommend the conky manager because it's really easy to get some basic widgets setup and they look pretty nice (although to get the colors you want you might have to go into the conf file). One of my favorite widgets for conky is the conky google now widget which is a really configurable and nice looking widget. I know you didn't say you wanted anything like this, but once I set it up and got it working with the conky manager it looked really nice and was really easy to use. Also as an added benefit it's in the top right of the screen by default. I hope something here helped you out and it wasn't just me rambling about useless things.

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Thank you. The Google Now conks looks nice and I'm going to try it on my desktop now.

Nice! If you run into any problems I can probably help because I ran into a ton of them when I set it up.