Simple Case Modding

Okay so I wanted to modify my NZXT Source 210 case with proper front intake holes. I am going to put some fine metal mesh that can also be removable so I can easily clean up the dust. I drew up an idea but I am not too sure if I should go with a circular design or more of a octagon design. what do you guys think?

The measurements are accurate with a small margin of error. Here is the the image that is supposed to be 1:1 with the measurements I took. Link

A rectangle mesh design spanning across both fans would probably give you the best airflow. Also a good idea would be to use some low density foam on the back of the fine mesh.

Okay so I decided to ditch the paper but it was a good start. The functionality of it was not so useful.  I decided to use a ruler and sharpie to make the area I wanted to cut out. I wanted to preserve the NZXT Logo and the angle at the bottom of the front cover.

here is the progress so far:

The 210 is only 5mm shorter than the H230. It uses the rectangle style vent for it's 2x120mm fans up front.

So far I got it cut. It looks alright after sanding it down. I didn't have a rotary tool to cut it properly so I used a blade to score the plastic enough to get through it then cut the rest of it with a hand saw blade.