Simple 2.0 Analog Stereo Profile missing in Linux ?!

Hi there guys,

i have an external soundcard wich i have been using for some time now. All was fine under linux. It is a special “DJ” Soundcard with a lot of inputs and outputs but i only used it with the simple Analog 2.0 output profile and was happy.
One day this profile is gone. The only option i have now are “sourround sound 2.1” 5.1 and so on … and all of them are missing the bass cause i only have stereo boxes… sound terrible …

how do i get my simple 2.0 stero profile back so i can enjoy my sound again.

Im using manjaro right now but no diffrence when i use linux mint or kubuntu.

the sound card is a U46 MK2. I hope someone here can help me …