Similarity between Wheel of Time and Morrowind (SPOILERS)

Since the release of A Memory of Light (Wheel of Time #14) by Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson, I have been re-reading my way through Robert Jordan's epic fantasy series, Wheel of Time. Also, I just got The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind GotY Edition for my PC and I have been playing through that again (with the overhaul installed). While going through both, I am noticing some remarkable similarities. Obviously, this would be a case of the writers of Morrowind from Bethesda being inspired by Robert Jordan since The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time #1) was published in 1990 and Morrowind was released in 2002 (I believe).


Has anyone noticed some remarkable similiarities or am I just grabbing at straws here? I mean, we have two prophesied heroes: the Dragon Reborn and the Nerevarine. Both are reincarnated heroes of great men (Lews Therin Telamon and Lord Indoril Nerevar, respectively) from ages past that were killed in less-than-epic circumstances. Both reincarnates are relatively unknown people. Rand al'Thor is a farmer/shepard in a backwoods part of Andor. The Nerevarine is a prisoner randomly dumped on Vvardenfell without reputation or knowledge of the land. Both are scooped up into activities that seem meaningless at first, until events foretold in each respective prophesy start coming true.

Beyond that, villains appear in dreams. Ba'alzamon, who is really just Ishamael and not the Dark One, appears to Rand (and Mat Cauthon and Perrin Aybara, but they're not my focus here) to taunt him and get him to join with him. Dagoth Ur appears to the Nerevarine in dreams to entice the Nerevarine to join him as a "friend".

Next, the worlds start off set against both heroes, and include cults that wish to eradicate them. The Children of the Light, better known as Whitecloaks, try to stir up the world against Rand. The Tribunal Temple try to kill the Nerevarine as he/she goes about with the prophecies. Rand must get several peoples to follow him, whether through bargains, trials, or war. The Nerevarine must get the Ashlander tribes and the Great Houses to acknowledge him/her.

Anyways, those are my observations (thus far) and I was wondering if anyone agrees. Granted, I could be stretching this and I rarely push to find similarities in different works. I mean, aside from fantasy taking cues from Tolkien and such. No one get me wrong; I love Morrowind and Bethesda created a great story. I just think they tip their hat to Jordan more than casually.

Other thoughts, or observations, would be appreciated. Hope I got some of you thinking! And if I am just grabbing the air here, let me know (in a civilised manner).

Yeah, you're probably right, then again there are several other books, movies etc that have a very similar plot. I can't remember any of the top of my head, but I have discussed this before. The honest truth is, is that there aren't very many stories that you cannot draw parallels between, especially within similar genres.