Similar movie to Donnie Darko?

I have recently watched Donnie Darko and I particularly enjoyed the feel of the movie combined with the mash up of genres and a plot which is not that easy to predict. Taking these things into consideration, has anyone seen Donnie Darko and can recommend a movie that has similar attributes? :)

How about the sequel?

Memento, It's not completely similar but it does have most of the things I think you're looking for. It's fantastic. Makes you think and it's always a step ahead of you.

have fun! :)

Oh yeah Memento is a masterpiece. I adore Christopher Nolan's movies in general. The way he uses multiple timelines to create suspense and drama is just incredible!

Oh thanks a lot for that list! :D

I heard that it is absolutely terrible. I am not sure if I want to see it :D

You might check out Southland Tales. It's written and directed by Richard Kelly, the same guy who did Donnie Darko. I didn't like it as much as Donnie Darko, but I still found it interesting and entertaining.

and "cube" were good

Surprised Strange Days is not on that list..

Oh its terribad - it really is - Maybe The Butterfly Effect would be worth your time? I have not seen it but afaik it had fairly positive reviews