Similar Metal?

I absolutely adore this song, it really stands out among all the rest of Chimaira's music to me (it also seems to be a bit of a one off for them), and I wanted to know if any of you guys knew of similar sounding metal?

I would hardly call that metal. sorry

Maybe not for you but Metal is an extremely diverse genre and the song does belong under it... somwhere, I know people have different tastes and opinions but how much of the song did you actually listen to?

I listened more than a minute. I don't like being a genre-freak, this falls somewhere under "metalcore" which is one of the shitty sub-genres alongside "djent". That was worse than Cradle of filth. 

I'll admit I'm not the biggest fan of the screaming vocals... actually if they got rid of them altogether I'd be happy as pie, it's mostly the harmonic(?) singing parts in the chorus that I'm really interested in.

And isn't meshuggah djent? I hate meshuggah, it sounds like arse.

Really I think Cradle is pretty good..But yeah this Chimaira sounds like some rock i would hear on the radio..But I have to keep in mind that Led Zeppelin was once considered metal..

Maybe five finger death punch, lamb of god, flaw, soil, taproot, soilwork, Primer 55 - introduction to mayhem You may like their other albums better..I have seen them years ago downset and them opened for Soulfly..People literally tore the roof off..When they all played together.. 

I dunno, been a while since I heard chimaira. As blood runs black is kinda sorta similar. GIve devildriver a listen as well. First time I have ever heard someone say they "adore" any kind of metal. Made me chuckle.

I really like listening Devil Driver and Lamb of God, used to listen to them non-stop a couple of years ago, I'll give all those other bands a check, thanks guys.