Simcity as a Tool to Teach Enginnering and Economics

 Main Idea + 5

  • Games have been taken for granted for a learning tool

  • Simcity has been known for being educational

  • Many educators will be able to setup different lesson plans based on different scenerios

  • Next Gen leaders will have the nessacary skills for the futrue

  • Proven to teach players about provisions, budgeting and a shit ton more of skills for real life

Why it effects the Country Paragraph:

To my understanding, this would be a way to go for the people who want to be more ready for the life ahead.Sim City I find to my liking. It has tought many students and adults more about the real world, without experiancing it first hand. This will be a great tool for any teacher or person to use to hone in on improving their skills.

Opinion Paragraph:

I'm finding this very useful. There is so much to be learned about Sim City it isn't even funny period. Just playing the game makes you thing, "what am I going to do?" I like games like Sim City, it helped me with my budgeting skills, managing a city, I mean there is a lot more than meets the eye in this game. I can't wait to buy this game and play it. Using this in a class like Economics, I would be crawling all over this game. The release date for this game is on March 5, 2013. Price I don't know yet. This game will have potential in the education sector.

I also like the fact that teachers can make scenarios as well. That will be a way to challenge the brain!


Now that's a different take on it, maybe reality TV shows can take note from the SIMS lol


Now that I think about it, I REALLY don't like the idea of the education of our youth in the hands of EA

I'm with you on that last part

well if think that sim city, has something educational to contribute how about anno 2070?

Could be a possiblity

Sim City is one of the amazing game and people never get bore while playing this game.