SILVERSTONE FT01.. Good or bad?

What do you guys think of this case?

[b][u]Things I would like to be added/changed:[/u][/b]

•Side fan atleast 140cm+

•Easier way to remove the top fan filter

•Power and reset button side by side

•Size difference between the power and reset

•Different location of the reset button

•Self cleaning Case that sprays a scent of a lemon, and all the dust the intake fans collect be transferred in a compartment for an easy three step process of taking out the box, throwing the crap in a garbage, and put back to repeat the process.

• freaking cost. Cost more than a 1200, and Armor+

[b][u]Things I like:[/u][/b]

•It's simplicity


•bottom power supply bay with a vent on the bottom

•front intake fan / filter

•top fan as an intake

•tooless design

•excellent cable management

•black interior and exterior finish ( im NOT an African American decent.)

•optional liquid cooling holes ( looks like a sex hole to me.) [two sex holes] * maybe in a bet. of more than 50 dollars. Not video cam'd. If video cam'd, $100+...

•Also, sound dampening on the side panel.

i didn't care to check how much it costs.. but the silverstone tj07 is still my favorite ss case. this one is very very good though.

lol@black decent, who would think that with pinoy in your name? lolol

Just for those who are knowledgeable about the prefixes of the filipino culture.