Silverstone AP123 w/ Corsair H100i?


I'm looking for advice on replacement fans for Corsair H100i, I'm using stock fans at moment and I am considering using Silverstone AP123 fans instead.

There is very little info online that I could find, so if anyone has any personal experience using fans or any other recommendations, would be great.

Many Thanks

Here is a link for fans in questions:


Static pressure is the primary stat you need to consider for rad fans .  Noctua , corsair , and even cougars are commonly used for rads . I just watched a piece on some Phoba fans design that has me interested . The fan is one piece with low air leakage . Looking for stats on it to see how they rate in the static pressure area .

Thanks for reply :)

is that the Phoba bionic eloops?

and I have studied the stats(ap123) and they mid range in specs but I like the fact have low start voltage(5v) as planning use define R4 built in fan controller to control all my fans(with some spittlers). and I know people have used ap121s as rad fans before so just wondering about the newer version.

I'm also considering noiseblocker eloops and gentle typhoons but really like looks of ap123 as i have a blue and black themed system(pics uploaded soon).

I have corsair sp120s dont like look of them with grey rubber corners and dont start until 7v and I know noctua fans are amazing, used have noctua nh d14 before h110i and it was very quiet with low temps but really ugly fans. 

or nano something like that. I kind of think between a high sp and a fan design like that with low air leakage would be ideal . Jays two cents showcased them recently . I have hit the main site . Stuffs not as clear as it should be .

Silverstone Air Penetrators have pretty good static pressure IIRC

Thanks for reply watching his video now. pity they in red though :(


Quick update, just order the fans.

Might post some temps comparisons when they arrive

 Silverstone AP123 vs stock h100i fans vs corsair sp120


Would anyone be interested in results?