Silica Gel in Case

What do you guys think about having a packet of silica gel inside your case? Nice way to dehumidify the inside of the case but would you recommend it? Thanks!

if you're pc isn't exposed to some 'extreme' conditions i don't see a reason to do it, but i wouldn't be bad i guess...

I have tried it and it really change that much since my room doesn't humid that much when I opened the window. But it all depends. If you notice that the room is too humid, place some inside. And try to open some window(s) if there's any.

I have this problem, I live in subtropical Florida, surrounded by two lakes and on the coast. I'm sort of sandwiched on an Island so it's extremely humid. A friend and I put a meter that tests for water in the air all over my condo, next to electronics and inside my computer; it was pretty high. I bought a small dehumidifier at ACE Hardware for $70.00 and I put it next to my computer case. Problem solved, and these things last longer than silica gel. Look into that and see if that's something you'd want to do. 

I must agree that silica gel do the task, in my case. Another case that silica gel do for me, is keeping my food in kitchen fresh. The dangers of consuming those silica gel packs is overstated, unless you have swallowing issues and a significant appetite for those little packets. The advantages of keeping them around include keeping food fresh, so that's something and I found it here.