Silent studio PC

Hi, so I'm going to build a new (not really) PC for my studio. I have an Intel i5 750 + MOBO and RAM lying around so I figured I would use those. Now, my challenge to you - How would you make this system as silent as possible? Chassi (ATX), CPU cooler, PSU is needed.

I've looking in to passive cooling solutions for the CPU and I've found the SilverStone Heligon HE02. On the coolers box it says it works fan less with processors rated up to 95W (which is the i5's rating).

My main concern is of course if this cooler (fanless) will keep the i5 cool enough. I know that there are some PSU's that turn off their fan in low load, that would be superb.

Any suggestions? 

I suggest a Fractal case and putting  your computer in a cabinet and covering the inside of the cabinet with soundproof foam. Then you should be golden. However the cooler fanless seems like a bad idea I would rather place the tower in a soundproof cabinet with a fan. And not run the risk of overheating. 

Noctua cooler, NZXT H440 or FD Define R4 case.  Noctua fans all around.  80+Gold or Plat power supply. this would make your system near silent. Passive PSU, sound dampened silent case + noctua fans. You will most likely not hear even a whisper from this system. Remember to use the included ULNA adapters on the noctua fans, it makes them even more silent. :)

The Blackout edition is $79 on Newegg right now so he could save a little cash and get 2 more fans.